If a monkey hunter wants to catch a monkey, he uses a surefire trick. He hollows out a coconut and drills into her side a small hole with a sharp edge. He hides a candy in the coconut, attaches it to the ground or a wall, then takes off and waits. It is only a matter of time before a monkey walks by and puts his hand in the hole of the nut, to get the candy. What follows is perfidious. The monkey holds the candy in his fist. His closed fist does not fit through the hole, and the monkey is stuck. All he has to do to free himself, is to open his fist and let go of the candy. Maybe it would hurt a bit to pull his hand out of the sharp-edged hole. But the monkey would be free again, and he could run away. But monkeys will not let go. They hold the candy and thus become easy prey for the monkey catcher.

Most of the time it is difficult to let go of things, habits or convictions. Holding on to supposed treasures, binds us and deprives us of our freedom.

On the other hand, there are values ​​or treasures worth remembering. For which we also accept restrictions.

Often I am not aware of what treasures I hold on, and with this behaviour prevent a better, freer life. And sometimes I lack the insight, the will and the strength to hold on to the treasures, that are worth it.

I would like to learn more consciously, where to hold on an where to release. Both in terms of the little things of everyday life, as well as in terms of big life choices. And everything in between …

Jesus is the master of letting go and holding on to me. I want to learn from him, how it works. He is allowed to release my cramped hands, when I hold on to things, that rob my freedom. He is my personal trainer, who is allowed to train my will, my strength and endurance, in keeping with what gives my life depth and lasting wealth.


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