„Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.“  Martin Luther King


I am grateful for people like Martin Luther King. People, whose hearts are big and wide – so big and wide, that even a space of love for the enemies can fit into it.

I am grateful for people like Martin Luther King, for reminding me, how to respond to hatred, rejection and injustice, without reacting with hatred, injustice and rejection.

I am so grateful that there are these role models, who show me, that it is possible to live in love of one’s enemy, while at the same time having a creative, non-violent resistance.

No – I’m not ready yet. If I encounter injustice and hatred, I have to dig deep to discover a spark of love in me. As a kid, I attacked guys who were two heads taller than myself, when weaker children were treated badly. I have refrained from that. For several reasons … 😉 I better manage to stay calm today. Sometimes I even discover something similar to love of the enemy in me.

If it does not affect me directly, then I do. Then rational thoughts will win over the hot rage and cool it down. Whisper to me that perpetrators mostly (or always?) were also victims, before they became perpetrators.

When we visit the women in the red light milieu, we always have a small present for the pimps and the security guards. It has been burned in our memories, that one of the „gorillas“ (so much loving sarcasm may be, right?), who kept watch over a brothel, burst into tears because there was no Christmas present for him. Whenever we pass this story on, we have to smile, and in us, there are actually feelings of compassion and understanding towards the evil / „evil“ (I can not decide, if they are „evil“ or evil!  –  somehow, both versions are true) in this business. There is some evidence, however, that this compassion is only possible, because we are not the direct victims of the evil, that is is going on there.

When I am concerned myself, and hatred, rejection and injustice are directed at me, I am for the moment very far from being sympathetic and benevolent with my enemies. Of course I know, that revenge is always giving birth to new hatred – and that we only come out of the cycle of hatred and revenge, when we remove food of hatred and give way to love. That’s why I’m grateful for people like Martin Luther King, who showed me, that it’s possible to overcome, and to love your enemies. Probably I am somehow at the very beginning in terms of enemy love, the ABC, the first writing exercises and the small multiplication table.

But I want to learn to love my enemies. To look at them through the eyes of Jesus, and to see the person behind the hatred.

The decision is mine. Release the hate. And receive love and let my heart be expanded by the one who said and lived out: „Love your enemies, bless those, who curse you, do well for those, who hate you, pray for those who insult and persecute you.“ (Jesus – written in Matthew 5:44)

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